Third week of compo class, let it go let it goooooo…. (sorry, Frozen)

Third week and it is the first week that we have to actually work on 3 projects at the same time: a ruff (two groups on leading the eye to the other through composition), a comp (from the ruffs of last week), and a final from the comp of last week which was done from the ruff or the first week).
Are you still with me?
I am not! all this is a lot of work…. or is it? I’d say it’s a lot of preparation, lots of thinking (for the rough and comp, lots of decision (for the final).

I’m still going full digital for convenience sake, and it’s nice to be able to move layers about, a bit to the left, let’s try this… without having to redo the drawing completely each time.

At one point it became clear that if I went on thinking about things and not doing them I’d not meet the dead line – I guess this is what Stephen Pressfield calls “the going pro moment) I just “did” it and “let if go” (yes I’m a Frozen fan, sorry).
That alone has made the week very very important in terms of learning.

Now, after the two videos chats with Glenn (and his drawing live to answer our questions) and the crits ( in which he draws over our work and spends whatever time is needed to make his point) here is my situation.

First, my final (my first comicbook style inking btw):


The people in the distance look separated, not part of a same scene, pasted on sort of, yes, I can see that now. Are our 3 sinister bad guys talking about one of them or the singer? could be clearer. But it’s seems I get an OK from Glenn yeah!!! Funny I did not see the two problems mentioned above before he pointed them out!!

my comp:
I went on with my idea of sketchers floating in the air on a sort of magic carpet or whirlwind of loose sheets (my copyrights, thank you).
But, at Glenn’s suggestion I changed the camera angle and also changed everything else – I dont believe in cooking with the rests of yesterday’s meal!

here it is:


Yes, it could be even more extreme, and I’m going to make it that, a representation of us, sketchers as we go through life doing hundreds of sketches. I hope next week will surprise you (and me!)

As for the ruffs (two groups of people) for some readon I had in mind something with walkiries and UFOS, dont ask me why, ask my shrink (dont have one!). here are my three ruffs:




as you can see they are VERY ruff, and it’s one thing I learned this week: ruffs are showing ideas, they have to be readable (“is that a dog or a gun?” no, that’s not readable if they ask you that). I vas nervous sending in such kiddie like drawings, but these are constructed, deeply thought about drawing, not kids ones. So that’s one thing new I learned!

Glenn found….. my walkirie to e the most interesting (it’s based on a Daumier composition that might explain a lot :-D). But he thinks he could be more extreme!

I must go more extreme in everything!!!!! ok, let’ go…. I think I’m still too shy with moving the camera about, remember those two pages in “drawing the marvel way” they show the same actions but “normal” way and “marvel” way; Something like this I guess is what I should do (minus the superhero angle of course).

Shall I be able to “let it ooooouuuuut” even more? I see in which direction to go now, and that is the main thing, with a bit of luck I’m going to be too tired and busy to think and restrain myself!

more of those fascinating artistic adventures next week!

first week of compo clas with

Wow: people discussing someone else with an accent on differences between characters and composition, now that is interesting.
        For some reason I thought at once of a graphic novel cover, and of physically different character: a roundish one, a triangular one and a rectangular one.
        This brought to mind film noir – the big fat boss, the triangular body guard and the rectangular weird runt (ok – a part for dear dear Peter Lorre, there I’ve said it! LOL)

        I started by doing some quick sketches while watching old movies (with my jack russell on my lap, she insisted watching the movie with me sigh)
        Here are some of my sketches for the faces of my characters:


        Now who are they talking about? They must disagree of the contrast wont be strong enough – what do people talk about in film noir? Dames of course! and Squealers! So I invented a graphic novel (my copyright) and came up with three ruff, each a bit different, different faces, different reactions.
        Here are the three ruff, they are ging to be in b&w except for title stuff, I adapted the dark horse official submission format to A4 (I’m in europe) , the font is a free font Betty Noir by (see them for info).

        My frst impresssion; what takes time like crazy is putting ideas together in space, real drawing (not doodling stule) is nothing timewise. Interesting, shall we become faster at idea producing in space?
        here are my 3 ruffs:




we shall see what glenn says in his critic and which one he chooses (hey he’s the client!) for me to develop even further.

Studying at vilppuacademy in the new composition class: a blog of a once in a life time experience

Big day: today begins the super “composition” class with Glenn Vilppu at

Glenn Vilppu is not just any instructor: he has 50 years of experience under his belt, in painting, drawing, teaching, animation, comicbooks, storyboards, layouts and more.
He is the world most sought after teacher for drawing and regularly teaches at Disney, Pixar, Ghibli, Calart, UCLA, and any art school worth its salt has him come regularly to teach either the students… or the teachers!
No one can surpass him in experience, quality of his own work and most of all his teaching – the best artists go to him regularly for a “check up” or to study something they feel weak at.
Just don’t take my word for it, google him!

Here is is:


I was desperately trying (in vain) to improve my drawing a year ago (re: the banner of on the left side – that’s my best mars13, almost a years later (9 months) I drew the right side of the banner.
I has now been over a year that I’ve been studying at, I’ve followed the basis class, head class, figure 1 and figure 2, and I’ve just redone figure 1 and head just because I have more to learn!
At first I was a bit sceptical about an online school: would it be the same as a real school? Answer: frankly it’s better! We can watch the lecture several time (impossible in the real world) we can ask our questions not only via email but also during the weekly video chat during which Glenn can draw for us either on the computer or now with his hand (google glass be thanked!!). He’s very very generous with his time for questions and demos.
But as I’ve said before the big game changer is the critics: we send Glenn our assignment each week and he comments it, overdraws on it – and that changes everything, he has such experience that he sees at once what you did wrong or rather what you “thought” wrong and tell you how to correct it. Work hard and the next week that problem is gone!
If you find the right side of my banner better than the left side, wait till you see what I do now.
The great thing about Glenn is also he doesn’t teach you a style, but lets you evolve and become yourself. The more time pass, the less my drawing looks like his! If he draws let’s say like a great master, then I am more and more drawing like a comic book artist – we’ll see where I’m going, I know he’ll help me find my own voice.

So the new class: composition class starts today!
It’s a brand new class, I’m in it because Glenn thought I was at the level for it (still recovering from that!).
It’s a class that’s never been done before: each week he will give us a “brief” like a normal client would (with only the difference that we choose if we do the brief for a comic book, illustration painting etc, that is our choice) week one we do the thumbnails and propose some ruffs (rough for those not linked to animation), second week we do a comp,third week we do a final at 50% bigger scale, like in the real world (same for digital if you choose digital as your media).
These assignments add up: week one: ruffs1, week2: ruffs2 plus comp1, week3: final1, comp2 and ruffs3!
It all last 10 weeks.
Shall I survive? shall I improve? I intend on sharing my experience here (central point being so follow me if you want to see what happens (or what that vilppuacademy is all about).
Let the class begin!

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