compo 1 again week 4 characters who had it coming!

compo 1 again week 4 characters who had it coming!

The topic of the week being: (my wording) you see it coming a mile away, I decided to have some fun.

Not that I never have fun while drawing but, if you’ll remember, last week, I feared this current week a lot, I had just taken a step forward (in the right direction, not off the cliff thank you lol) and was afraid of taking two steps back this week, thereby reinventing the tango.

Doing something fun was the safest route.

And as all my drawings of last week were ok, I decided to do 3 versions of this week’s topic instead on working one last week and the week before and this week…. you get the picture (pun intended).

I decided to throw caution to the wind and salute my comicbook idol mr Eisner by doing a shameful Eisnerish first page, here it is, and i do apologise to Mr Eisner’s spirit (pun again, intended):

ghost eisner testw



the second one is a classic story, but I had some fun with the panels:


tresor huntr copy


the third is an exercise in “few panels, lots of time”:


war and pieces


Glenn’s happy with me: my work doesn’t look like a “catalogue” anymore, but he had a few things to say: my return from war for xmas is, like the rest of my work very horizontal, the table in the first and last panels is…. placed plainly. The second panel (it’s supposed to be soldiers in a landing barge) reads poorly.

The fake Eisner would benefit of more delicate care, and light and dark work (Glenn advises me to study the work of my comicbook heros the same way I study the great master of the renaissance).

The treasure hunter tragedy (they all die of stupidity, a sad death!) is fine and he loved the way I used the vertical depth (hey, I can use verticals!!!) in the first line (can’t call it panel).

I’m relieved and happy that like Glenn told me I’m beginning to find my own style even if it is sometimes by making mistakes. That’s part of the game.

I also notice one thing: during first week it took me hour to create the panels that I would fill (following my thumbnailing of course). Now this is a no brainer and takes no time at all. Interesting, it seems I’m getting the comic format too.

I’m going to dig out (they re not far) my Eisner and Mignola and other comic masters and look at them attentively instead of just reading them with joy.

Next week I’ll rework on the fake Eisner and the war story, I dont think I can add much to the treasure hunt page.

see you next week with more hard work and superb mentorship – all the progress I make, I only make because Glenn points me in the right direction each and every turn of the road!

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