fifth week -Wherein our hero jokes and faces Zen philosophy in composition!

        As you will remember last week I was a bit… confused and feeling lost, composition is such a complex thing, but my comfusion is quite normal and shall pass Glenn told me.
        Oh and btw the topic of the week was: “something about to happen”
        OK, having deep in me this strange compulsion to be a smart ass I drew and posted a joke on the facebook group of the class. As I was not sure Glenn would have seen my smart joke on facebook I added it to my submission for the ruff of the week, topic “about to happen. I submitted the following, the joke is the first image as is obvious.

        I was not too happy without the other images except the alien surgeons. But Glenn found the alien surgeons confusing, the boy and the crowd (middle right) is more story telling than composition – and there is no compo whatsoever in the animal drawing at the bottom (I confess: I wanted to paint a silverback)
        Now, as I should have guess, he told me that the JOKE was – funny, thanks, Glen! – good compo, except it needed more work. I should have guessed this would be the one he chose for me to work on! 😀
Who’s a smart ass now? LOL

        The comp to hand in this week was about time passing in a single image, last week my ruff on that topic was a confusing messy rendition of Hamlet, I changed topic (but kept the idea of murder) totally, and for the final of the week I finalised my walkirie and UFO.
        The two images are here below:


        About the walkirie: I feel a bit silly having done a cartoonish drawing for a compo class, but cartoon takes forever to make as I found out, and Glenn (who laughed again – thanks again LOL) said the compo in it was quite solid.
        Perhaps I should not fall into the snobbism trap of “only fine or incomprehensible art is serious” hey, I’m an Eisner fan AND a Repin fan! (and Rembrandt etc). I must accept that I can draw “funnies”.

        About the murder: Glenn graced me with 20minutes of analysis and remarks on it, never ever trying to influence me stylistically or giving me easy solutions. We spent some more time on it during the live chat (he drew live and that was great as always)
        In any case I came out of the crit and the chat feeling more clearly what I had to do, but also feeling free to be myself. (re: next week for the final, yeah final! cause the ruff was the messy hamlet, the comp this messy murder and the final for this is next week! time is out of joint of cursed spite that ever I was cursed to set it….. sorry sorry, I have a bad case of Hamletism! 😀

See you next week with some more action, romance, suspense, madness, irritation, amazement, and all the others things that go in storytelling and learning how to make a picture !

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