Fourth week – strange things are happening to me!

this week we have to work on:
ruff: several moments in time on the same image (no coping out by doing a comic strip thank you – I tried to talk about it and Glenn laughed)
comp: take last week’s ruff of two groups of people and make it more developped
final: third and last week on the “people taking very little place in space” and I wish I had had a few ore days but deadlines are deadlines!

        How do I feel? odd: on the one hand I’m still confused about composition and it’s link to story telling, I feel uneasy, not sure of myself there, but on the other hand I’m realising that drawing – ya know, that “thing” called drawing we all have to keep working at for years to come, me most of all – well, drawing is not really the problem in a piece of art, be it a cartoon or a comic or a fine art thingy.
        I’m just realising (and two of my class mates told me they felt the same) that being forced to work like crazy on composition, thinking final work, space in the picture, puts us in a “real” situation, no just because of the deadline, but because of the question or what to do with the blank page – so far I would always say: “on a blank page I make a nice drawing” well, no more! it’s got to tell a story, catch the eye, direct the viewer, manipulate him/her as Hitchcock used to say of his movies (he did his story boards himself and was a very good draughtmans and artist)

        I think a big change is happening, alll this unbeknown to me (but beknown to Glenn :-D) and while I strugle, and complain on facebook that I feel like Homer Simpsons DOH! in front of a page on which to thumbnails something far more important gets set in motion! As for composition, no worries, i’ll get it, after all, I have the best teacher on the planet and only composition teacher on the planet on my side!!!

        Let’s take a look at my work of the week and what Glenn said about it

my ruff for several moments in one image:


        OK, I’m a Shakespeare fangirl so to me this reads totally well, but it seems people who have a “normal” relation to the Bard do not get anything of this image, the ghost in the middle is odd, the tomb on the top right doesn’t read, the lower left image is OK…… work to redo!

        My comp, still my rather insane walkirie versus ufo thing


        Glenn laughed, and I think he liked it, and he suggested something great: make the mountain or whatever in the background lower on he walkirie’s side to better lead the eye.
        I would be proud of this one, only I really inspired myself (sort of copied) the “circus” cartoon composition by Daumier, well sort of 😀

The final of people taking very little space but space leading to them:


I’m very happy with this one, sorry I did not have time to do a cleaner city. Glenn gave two comments that are great: the city is….. very conventional, and I have to agree, and he suggested to add some drawings on the floating sheets to A/ make it clear our sketchers are drawing not typing or something, and B/ to show the distance between the sheets close to us and those distant (small drawing large drawing).
        A great idea i’m going to implement as soon as I have 5 minutes, this is one image I want to finish really well.

        Doh indeed but I’m producing more drawings than ever, and my “oh it’s awful this drawing is going to the bin, what a waste” phase is gone: there is more where that came from, getting drawings rejected is normal (by myself or others) no big deal – yes, I just wrote “no big deal” about drawing! doesn’t mean i’m good at it, just that I see it in a new perspective: drawing is a tool, art is what you build with it and other tools.

        More of these consideration next week, thanks for following, if you have any question contact me on facebook!
        now – go back to drawing!!!!

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