compo 1 again week 2 raaaaaaha! Am I Homer Smpson?

compo 1 again week 2  raaaaaaha! Am I Homer Smpson?

yes another entry only two after the previous one – Iwas busy drawing and am late on my blog – well, not anymore 😀

Week two, ok I redid the week one ruff (woof) and changed a lot or things as you’ll see, I also did the assignment for this week

Here are the “things”







In the diner scene I try to do less action in one page, used the waiter’s walking from one table to the other to justify the angle change in camera position.

Two things: the guy at the table in the back, who pay and goes away is a punk, hence the grrrrrrr reaction on the crazy grannies. Nobody seems to see he is a punk, I should have made a closeup on him.

In any case it’s not clear that the grannies are talking about him or avoiding looking in his direction and….. it’s boring! the whole diner page is boring!

As for the western scene it lacks depth (no sense of that desert going far far away except perhaps in the last image) and it’s….. all together now: boring! plain camera angles, plain shots plain…… plain boring!

and you know what? that’s what Glenn told me and now…. I find those two pages boring!!!!!! I feel like I’m Homer Simpson: why did I not see it before?

answer: because Glenn has the experience to see and say things, and without him I would not have seen it ever! it’s called teacher-student relationship!

Now about (steal the expression from him) Glenn’s chewing me in the critics,  I’d like to point out that he’s known me for almost two years, knows that I have a thick skin and that i’m *begging* for harsh critic (plus I have a sense of humour that I sometimes turn against him just to push him to be harsher on me… yes I’m in a rush, I want to learn the maximum fast fast, and my ego…. what ego? I’m here for learning! I’m not michelangelo, of course not!)

Glenn is very positive with students, telling *always* the truth when something is good and when something is wrong with their work but in a positive manner, by that I mean: showing a way to correct the problem, that is one of his secrets: you show him a crappy drawing, he tells you what’s good, then points out the bad and tell you what you should work on. You work on it, and by the next week that problem is gone from your life and drawing! This makes you progress drawing-wise, and also gives you self-confidence and that feeling that it’s ok to make mistakes as we a here to learn, not to impress the teacher or other students,  and in any case, soon we wont make “that” mistake again.

That’s what make a great teacher and explains the devotion his students have for him (hero worship I’d call it!) once they have studied with him.

As for me I have such trust in him that even when I feel like Homer Simpson (re: above) I dont really mind: Glenn is there to point me in the right direction!

So next week, doh, redo week one and two plus week three (next week is week three). i’m going to go crazy and unboring (crazy should be easy for me LOL) we’ll see! see you soon!!!

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